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    Experience that pays off.

    Anywhere in the world where a coin changes hands, it is likely that the coin has been manufactured on a Schuler press.

    Schuler supports minting technology with innovative developments and numerous patents. For example, at the turn of the 19th Century, it was possible to produce up to 60 coins per minute on Schuler presses – an astonishing achievement for the time. Today, high-performance machines from Schuler achieve performance levels of up to 850 coins per minute. Our customer-focused practical research and development is continuously improving the efficiency of our machines. Ongoing new developments – such as the inscription around the edges of bi-metallic coins or – supplement our extensive product range.

    Business activities


    • High-speed blanking presses
    • Roll feed


    • Coin edge lettering and rimming machine
    • High-performance rimming machine
    • Coin blank testing unit


    • Bi-metal presses
    • Horizontal coin minting presses
    • Vertical coin minting presses


    • Systems capabilities