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    FABTECH 2019: New ways of efficiency in your press shop

    The demands for even more efficient processes and a boost in productivity are among the key drivers in production. Schuler offers various options and solutions to successfully meet these challenges.

    At the FABTECH, Schuler will show our latest innovation in digitalization - the Schuler IIoT solutions – Schuler´s answer to Industry 4.0. In addition, we inform you about the latest developments and products in the area of lightweight construction, TwinServo technology, mechanical transfer presses (TML) and our BLISS products.

    We would like to warmly invite you to the Schuler booth in Chicago to show you our solutions to your challenges.

    Exhibition highlights:

    Solutions for Industry 4.0

    Predicting potential downtime of a press well in advance and thereby improving its availability and productivity? Sophisticated sensors and actuators in the latest Schuler machines make it possible – whether mechanical transfer presses, hydraulic hot stamping or composite lines, for instance.

    Industrie 4.0: Schuler Smart Press Shop

    In Schuler presses, machine components can be monitored for changes, wear, and damage to optimize the maintenance process. For this purpose, regular test runs of the system are performed in which vibration data, torque progressions, and energy consumption, among other things, are measured, stored, and compared. Sensors in the press bed and slide record the acceleration per stroke for example, enabling stampers to monitor the forming processes in detail. Get more information about Schuler's answer to Industry 4.0 - Smart Press Shop.

    Lightweight technology

    Schuler ist the only manufacturer in the world to offer press systems for all manufacturing processes in the area of this demanding technology: Cold forming of high-strength steels, pressure controlled hardening, hydroforming, plastic forming and aluminum forming. In close cooperation with our partners, we achieve economic and reliable production solutions for high volume manufacturing. Learn more about lightweight products from Schuler.

    A further Topic and one of Schuler's latest research projects called iComposite 4.0 shows how to reduce costs by 50 percent and throughput times by 40 percent.

    TwinServo technology

    Schuler's TwinServo systems have two separate and only electronically synchronized torque motors in the press bed. As a result, the machines not only build significantly lower, but also the springback is reduced by 30 percent, while both sound insulation and energy efficiency is improved. The two decentralized drives are arranged in such a way that the drawing cushions and scrap shafts have sufficient space. Read more about the advantages and technical details.

    Mechanical transfer presses

    Mechanical transfer presses (TML Series) with 4-point suspension including link drive kinematic are available in capacities from 8.000 kN to 32.000 kN and different die areas. The TML presses are manufactured with the highest quality level providing an equipment with a long life time and higher quality and precision of the stamped part.

    As a systems supplier of forming technology we offer for our transfer presses all the appropriate auxiliary equipment such as coil lines, destacker/blankloader, and tri-axis transfer system. Schuler deliver line concepts for a high degree of cost-effectiveness, maximum flexibility, and reliable production.

    Your advantages

    • High production rates
    • High part quality and lower die wear
    • Low susceptibility to faults or malfunction
    • High levels of uptime
    • Easy availability and/or storage of spare parts
    • Reduced time and expense for repairs and maintenance
    • Many other features and benefits you can find on the TML Series

    BLISS products

    BLISS - the sub-brand of Schuler with a particularly attractive price-performance ratio. Learn more about BLISS products.

    This and many other topics await you at FABTECH. We look forward to welcoming you as our guest.

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