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    Transfer Notchmaster


    Notching lines with linear automation increase both production rates and flexibility in the manufacture of large electric motor laminations (with a diameter of approx 800 to 1,300 mm). The basis of the line concept is provided by universal notching presses with servo indexing for circular blanks and segments and the high-speed transfer with linear motor drive developed by Schuler that ensures highest speeds and thus the shortest possible cycle times. The preferred method of part handling uses pallets. The line features automated stack pre-centering in the destacking unit that ensures a high degree of operational reliability. Thanks to the use of no-wear gripper magnets throughout the line, even laminations with many punched out areas can be reliably transferred.
    To meet any special customer requirements the transfer Notchmaster can be customized in its configuration and can be equipped with diverse modular components. Thus, for example, the integration of service hole punching or an additional notching press presents no problem.

    Your advantages

    • Flexible configuration of the line to suit customer requirements
    • High speeds and production rates thanks to the linear motor drive
    • Motor bearings, clutch, gears and belts/racks, etc. not required
    • Simple set-up, e.g. manually adjustable grippers
    • Automated pre-centering of the blank stack, even irregular stacks can be reliably processed
    • Low maintenance thanks to the linear motor drive
    • Optical alignment station (option)


    Tandem notching line with linear automation
    Tandem notching line with linear automation