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    Blank-cutting and compound die-cutting lines


    The sinusoidal 2-point transverse shaft eccentric drive in the crown produces the ideal mass counterbalance by means of the contra-rotating main gears with herringbone gear teeth. Here Schuler uses the transverse shaft drive with precision double helical gearing. The combination of the high degree of the tooth surface overlapping and the extremely short transverse shaft drive guarantee extremely quiet operation, and long service life, also for the dies.
    The slide is guided with an 8-way precision guiding system, play-free and non-slip, in hardened rails of the press frame.

    Your advantages

    • Highest possible stroking rates thanks to automated unloading and stacking system
    • Superior part quality
    • Progressive and compound dies
    • Manufacture of segments, rotor and stator laminations as well as performed circular blanks


    Sinusoidal 2-point transverse shaft eccentric drive
    Blanking press with 2,500 – 10,000 kN capacity

    Motor lamination blanking line