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    Forming Academy

    Basic and Technology Seminars

    Welcome to the Schuler Forming Academy. We are looking forward to introduce you to our broad range of qualification measures. Our portfolio which encompasses basic seminars, practical training and technology seminars provides a fitting solution for every person working in forming technology.

    Save time and money with our seminar packages.

    Our products are geared toward companies and business owners. If you are interested please contact us by telephone or in writing.


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    Abbreviation Title Package Start date Duration  
    EN_PSTE Schuler Control Technology 3 Days
    EN_PROE Press shop robotics 2 Days
    EN_GMPE Principles of mechancial presses SP6 1,5 Days
    EN_GHPE Principles of hydraulic presses SP6 1,5 days
    EN_GBAE Principles of coil lines SP7 13/11/2018
    1 Day
    EN_GTSE Principles of transfer systems SP7 14/11/2018
    1 Day
    EN_GPAE Pinciples of automation for presses SP7 15/11/2018
    1 Day
    EN_TFEE Hot stamping today and tomorrow. Technology-update for decision makers 27/11/2018
    1 Day
    EN_TFGE Basic principles for economical hot stamping processes 28/11/2018
    2 Days

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