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    Large Pipes

    For the arteries of the Earth.

    With Schuler, you lay the foundations for success in economical, efficient and highly productive manufacture of spirally welded large pipes. We develop turnkey production lines for large pipes – for crude oil, natural gas and water pipelines or large pipes in the petrochemical industry, in wind energy systems as well as in the construction industry.

    Not only do we offer the necessary experience, we also provide extensive worldwide service for any solution and projects of all scales.

    We also support our customers after completion of the project during pipe production. We continuously develop optimizations and modifications from commercial applications. We maintain our position of experience and leadership in quality with continued innovation and investments in research and development.

    Schuler’s turnkey solutions for manufacturing large pipes are highly integrated and comprehensive concepts ranging from innovative layouts and designs through to intelligent production principles. Our goal is to deliver environmentally-friendly solutions that minimize use of resources. You can benefit from our extensive and groundbreaking expertise and unique competence in large pipe manufacturing systems.

    Application areas

    • Pipelines for crude oil, natural gas or water
    • Petrochemical industry
    • Offshore installations
    • Construction industry

    Business activities


    • Spiral pipe production systems


    • Lined pipe presses


    • Peripheral systems


    • Modernization