Laser blanking with DynamicFlow Technology

Blanking without any dies. Laser blanking lines with DynamicFlow Technology (DFT) are highly flexible, productive manufacturing systems for die-free blanking. They use extremely powerful fiber lasers for CNC-based, continuous blanking of the material belt. The result: a high production rate, optimum cutting quality and contour accuracy, even for sensitive external panel blanks.

Quality and flexibility in one system. DynamicFlow Technology enables various materials such as steel, aluminum or high-strength steels to be machined at a single manufacturing line. Even use of new material combinations, such as AlSi alloys, does not pose any problems.

Technology from Schuler. Thanks to DynamicFlow Technology, frequent and tedious die changes, time-consuming die repairs and die stock-keeping are now a thing of the past. Armed with the long-term experience of Schuler, based on the requirements of the automotive industry, laser blanking lines with DynamicFlow Technology prove impressive with their extremely flexible production conditions while benefiting from comparatively low investment costs. Indeed, they have made a name for themselves as a real alternative to conventional, die-based blanking systems in the press shop.