Die-free blanking in the press shop

Laser blanking with DynamicFlow Technology

DynamicFlow Technology (DFT) is the highly productive, die-free blanking by lasers, directly from a continuously running steel or aluminum coil. Indeed, it has made a name for itself as a real alternative to conventional, die-based blanking systems in the press shop.

Laser blanking

DynamicFlow Technology is revolutionizing the entire blanking process. The reasons are wide-ranging: Regardless of whether it is increased flexibility in the contour design, optimum material utilization or reduced building and logistics costs. Profitability in the press shop is increasing.

The line

A laser blanking line with DynamicFlow Technology comprises four state-of-the-art components, developed for optimum productivity and efficient processes. Optimally tailored to one another, they ensure maximum system availability, easy operation and the highest degree of quality.