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    Domenico Iacovelli

    Domenico Iacovelli, born 1976, is the Chief Executive Officer of Schuler AG. He oversees the company’s divisions and is also in charge of strategic corporate development, marketing & communications, and sales. Following an apprenticeship as an electrician and electronics technician, he studied business informatics with a concentration in application development in his spare time outside of work, before going on to receive a degree in business administration from the ZBW technical institute in St. Gallen, Switzerland, also while working full-time. Iacovelli’s professional background includes positions as a project manager in software engineering at two different engineering firms from 2000 to 2006. He would later join the company then known as Soutec Soudronic AG, which changed its name to Andritz Soutec AG in August 2012 when it became part of the Andritz Group, which also includes Schuler AG. After being tasked with several different leadership roles, Iacovelli was then named the company’s Chief Executive Officer in August 2011. Andritz also entrusted him with additional management duties within the Group, for example, by placing him in charge of the Metals Welding and Stamping division at Andritz and having him head the Automation division at Schuler AG. On November 1, 2017, the Schuler AG Supervisory Board appointed Iacovelli to the Executive Board, designating him as Deputy CEO of Schuler in the process. He was named Schuler’s Chief Executive Officer on April 24, 2018.