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Plant Photo of Prensas Schuler in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Prensas Schuler, São Paulo, Brazil

Mailing address

Prensas Schuler S.A.
Av. Gagundes die Oliveira, 1515
09950-904 Diadema, São Paulo

Tel.: +55 (11) 40 75-84 44
Fax: +55 (11) 40 79-27 66

Tel.: +55 (11) 40 75-84 92
Fax: +55 (11) 40 79-27 33


Paulo Tonicelli, Marco Yashiro, Lázaro de Figueiredo


1965 Establishment of the company Prensas Schuler Ltda. and production start of large presses at plants of local suppliers
1969 Acquisition of a property in Diadema, São Paulo
1973 Installation of its own facility and establishment of Prensas Schuler S.A., a joint-venture with the company Bardella S.A.
1974 Start up of manufacturing of large presses and establishment of Prensas Schuler S.A.
The first large order: 53 auto body panel presses for the Brazilian Fiat plant
Steel industry equipment production, beside presses.
1983 First export contracts for the North American market: three press lines for Chrysler and two transfer presses for General Motors Truck & Bus
2004 Reaching record of exportation: 92% of sales
2009 Production of equipment for energy and oil & gas industries.

Core competencies

Prensas Schuler supplies advanced mechanical and hydraulic press systems for customers in the automobile industry, their suppliers and the household appliance industry. The product spectrum ranges from fully-automated press lines, transfer presses, progressive die presses, blanking presses, forging presses, try-out presses, components for crossbar transfer presses and press automation. Also, Prensas Schuler handles the entire range of products from the Schuler Group.
The core competencies of this plant include sales, engineering, manufacturing and after sales service of mechanical and hydraulic presses, in accordance with German standards and Schuler safety codes. Press rebuilding and modernization are also part of this core competence. This is performed by high qualified service specialists, ensuring Schuler customers in Brazil high production rates and high levels of overall productivity.