Smart Press Shop

    The answer to Industry 4.0

    Schuler’s answer to Industry 4.0 is the Smart Press Shop. In the intelligent and fully networked press shop of the future, it will be possible to accurately predict potential downtime with the aid of sophisticated sensors and actuators, along with the data they collect, and to avert this downtime well in advance. This helps to ensure our customers’ productivity and increase the quality of the parts they produce, while also reducing energy requirements.

    As a result, the Smart Press Shop delivers improved reliability and increased cost-effectiveness for the field of forming technology. The system is suitable for use with both new and existing equipment.

    • Smart Press Shop
      Industrie 4.0: Schuler Smart Press Shop

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    Schuler at EuroBLECH 2018: Find out the specific benefits of forming technology solutions in the age of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT)

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    The Schuler Smart Press Shop is part of the “Metris – Industrial IoT Solutions” brand from ANDRITZ.