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    High-quality steels


    Austenitic high-quality steels demonstrate very good forming characteristics.  Therefore, their use in the auto body and frame/chassis is being discussed and, in some cases, being put into practice. Stainless steels are subdivided into four sub-groups based on their chemical composition and in terms of the grain structure:
    • Austenitic steels
    • Ferritic steels
    • Martensitic steels
    • Austenitic-ferritic steels

    Austenitic steels are the most used of stainless steels.  They are alloyed with chromium and nickel, while other alloying elements are also possible. In contrast to magnetizeable chromium steels the austenitic steels demonstrate a largely unmagnetic behavior in solution-annealed state. A cold deformation leads to a grain modification in austenitic steels (development of strain-induced martensite), so that afterward a limited magnetizeability is present.


    Hydraulic press line Fle-X-Bowl for the manufacture of stainless bowls for kitchen sinks