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Blank washers


For the best possible results in achieving high-quality outer skin panels and structural parts, blank washers are used before the forming process.  These units not only remove dirt and deposits but they also apply a defined amount of lubricant.  This consistent cleaning action and the uniform amount of residual lubricant prevents downtimes over the entire process.  In addition, the use of blank washers can account for substantially  reduced costs in subsequent processing such as assembly-in-white and painting.
At Schuler blank washers are an integral part of state-of-the-art blankloaders and can also be considered for retrofit application in existing lines.  Upon request balnk washers can also be designed to accomodate variable blank lengths and widths. 

Your advantages

  • Superior surface quality in both steel and aluminum
  • Uniform quality of the parts
  • Improved productivity due to less downtime
  • Cost reduction over the entire process
  • Longer intervals between die cleanings


Compact crossbar blank loader, with blank washer/lubrication unit