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What does PCH mean?


PCH stands for „Pressure Controlled Hardening.“  Only in pressure-regulated hardening are both the forming and cooling processes controllable.  This leads to a shorter cycle time and simultaneously to a more consistent hardening of the entire part.  Even complicated part geometries and the more recent bonding of sheet materials can be easily manufactured with this technology.
In the PCH lines Schuler has developed a complete system for the production of press-hardened parts.  A significant part of the complete solution is the newly developed space-saving and energy-saving rotary hearth furnace constructed without components that are subject to severe wear, thereby reducing undesireable downtimes.  The standardization of the line shortens delivery times and lowers investment requirements.

Your advantages

  • Short cycle times down to 6 seconds
  • Superior part quality by controlled consistent, even pressure
  • Less time required for die start-up and maintenance
  • Reduced maintenance costs for the furnace
  • Higher levels of uptime and productivity for the line
  • Reduction of costs for plant and foundation
  • Ease of expansion to a fully automated line with trimming press and/or laser cell
  • Reduction of costs for part handling/logistics
  • Lower energy costs thanks to the use of the rotary hearth furnace
  • More recent material bonding techniques such as Tailor-Welded or Patchwork blanks can be manufactured easily with reduced cooling time



Everything from a single source: Complete systems for the manufacture of press-hardened parts