Segment coating lines


    The manufacturing process for segments for generators is often a two-step process: After stamping the parts undergo a deburring and coating process, whereby they are provided with a thin coating of insulating material. In this way they are subsequently insulated from one another in the packet. At least 45,000 segments are required for a large generator to produce current. In order to ensure its customers solutions for the entire processing sequence from coil to the finish-coated segment, Schuler now has a cooperative agreement with a company with expertise in the field of segment coating lines – blanking lines from Schuler and coating line from GTL Knödel. The products of the two companies complement each other perfectly. Thus, customers are provided a complete solution for ready-to-install segment laminations in the highest quality.

    Your advantages

    • The manufacture of ready-to-install segments
    •  Full capabilities in the area of segment coating
    •  Over 40 years of experience
    •  High levels of operating uptimes
    •  Optimal production rates


    Segment coating line for the manufacture of segments for generators

    Schematic of a segment coating line