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    Corporate Governance

    The concept of Corporate Governance stands for responsible management and monitoring of a company with the goal of continuously growing corporate value.  The preliminary version of the German Corporate Governance Codex was introduced in February 2002.  The first revision became effective in May 2003, and the current version has been in force since June 15, 2012.  Reformulation/definition and continuing development of the Codex is the responsibility of the Government Commission for German Corporate Governance, the so-called Cromme Commission.
    The recommendations in the Codex address the cooperation between Board of Management and Supervisory Board, communications with the capital markets, and the protection of shareholders’ interests.  The Codex is based on provisions in the law, especially the law that applies for shareholding companies.

    Conformity statements

    The conformity declaration in accordance with § 161 of the legal code for shareholding companies is submitted annually. It shows at which points and for what reasons Schuler deviates from the recommendations of the German Corporate Governance Codex.

    Declaration of Conformity 2014
    Declaration of Conformity 2013
    Declaration of Conformity 2012
    Declaration of Conformity 2011
    Declaration of Conformity 2010